Medical Eye Care

Yes,  we can monitor and treat most eye diseases.  Many people don’t realize that  optometrists treat many eye conditions including “pink eye”, dry eyes, ocular allergies and glaucoma.   We have a variety of specialized equipment for testing and monitoring ocular conditions including:

  • Threshold Visual Fields- measures the sensitivity of your peripheral vision for use in glaucoma management and identification of neurological or vascular problems.
  • Anterior Segment Photography- documents conditions on the front portion of the eye including the iris,  sclera, cornea, conjunctiva and lids.
  • Fundus Photography- documents conditions in the posterior part of the eye behind the iris including: the retina, macula, optic nerve and vitreous. It also allows stereo photography of the optic nerve for use in glaucoma monitoring.
  • Pachymetry- ultrasonic measurement of corneal thickness for glaucoma suspects, refractive surgery patients and patients with corneal problems.

Unless you require surgery or extensive medical treatment, there is usually no need to see an ophthalmologist.  We are capable of diagnosing, monitoring and treating most eye problems.  If we determine that you would benefit from specialty care, we will refer you to the best specialist for your specific condition.