Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation

After a thorough evaluation of your visual needs and eye heath, we work with you to determine the type and brand of contact lenses that will provide optimum vision, comfort, eye health and convenience.  You will be given a pair of trial lenses and complete instructions on proper lens care and handling and scheduled to return for a contact lens evaluation after you have had an opportunity to adapt to contact lens wear.  Modifications will be made as needed until the optimum fit is achieved.

Existing CL wearers receive a contact lens evaluation at their yearly examinations to ensure that the contacts continue to provide good vision and comfort while maintaining ocular health.  This includes a detailed history of the patient’s CL experience, evaluation of the contact lens fit, measurement of the corneal curvature and determination of the current contact lens prescription.  All contact lens wearers require annual eye exams with contact lens evaluation.  Unless you are told otherwise, we prefer that you wear your contact lenses to the exam and bring your glasses with you.

Hope for contact lens drop-outs
There have been many innovations in contact lenses that may allow you to be a successful contact lens wearer despite past failure:

  • Lens materials with better wettability and higher oxygen transmission provide less drying, better comfort and longer, healthier wear times with both soft and gas permeable lenses.
  • Disposable/Frequent Replacement lenses are now available in high powers and astigmatic and bifocal designs.  Regular replacement of CL results in far fewer complications, not to mention simpler lens care systems and the added convenience of always having back-up lenses.
  • Improvements in the design and manufacture of contacts are providing better optical quality and comfort in all contact lenses.
  • Simpler and safer cleaning and disinfection systems are much less likely to cause reactions or allergies.
  • New Tru-Eyes from Vistakon are the first daily disposable lenses to combine the latest technology silicone hydrogel materials in a daily  disposable contact lens providing the ultimate in ocular health, comfort and convenience.