Patch Sources and Ideas

In children with amblyopia, where the vision in one eye has not fully developed, a patch is often used over the better eye so the amblyopic eye will develop normal vision.
Below are links to sites that sell patches and ideas for making your own patches at home. During patching session it is important that the child can’t (or doesn’t) look around the patch to use the good eye so be sure to take that into consideration when choosing a patch design.
  • Frame Huggers
  • Anissas Fun Patches
  • Patch Pals The child gets to pick what design they wear and helps the child to “buy in” to the patching regimen.  They have a side occluder for kids who want to peek around the patch.
  • Ortopad USA  good selection of patches that either slip over the glasses or cover the eye like a bandage.
Homemade Patch Ideas
  • Cut out construction paper in the appropriate shape, fold it in half so the fold goes over the top of the frame, trim with scissors, and let the child decorate it as desired.  You can always tape the bottom edges together and cut it off when done if worried about it falling off but usually they stay on fine. Just make sure the frame isn’t so close to the face that it rubs the eye.
  • Cut the neck off the top of a dress sock, fold it over itself to make a thicker tube and slide it over the temple and over the lens.
  • Sew up a piece of fabric to slide over the earpiece and onto the lens for patching.  Sew in a design on the front for looks.
  • Buy a roll of clear contact paper like this contact paper  Cut a piece to match the lens shape and stick it to the lens.  It’s almost invisible to onlookers but blurs that eye to about 20/200.