Chemistrie custom magnetic lenses

Chemistrie Lenses: The No-Clip Custom Clip-Ons

by Marcia Dettloff, OD on May 7, 2013

Chemistrie magnetic lenses are an exciting new product that allows you to quickly and easily convert your prescription lenses to polarized sunglasses, computer/reading glasses or even 3D glasses. The thin lenses and titanium bridge are extremely lightweight, yet durable. Just bring the Chemistrie clip up to your eyeglasses and the tiny magnets embedded in the lenses snap the lenses into the proper position and keep them there until you remove them. The Chemistrie lenses are made at the same time as your prescription lenses to ensure that they match the frame shape perfectly. The curve matches your lenses so they don’t scratch your prescription lenses like some generic clip-ons.

Chemistrie magnetic sun lenses are the perfect solution if you want prescription sunglasses but:

  • you hate switching back and forth between 2 pairs of glasses
  • you don’t like the residual color of photochromic lenses indoors and/or they don’t get dark enough while driving
  • the frames you like don’t come with clip-ons or they add too much weight

The lenses can be customized to fit almost any frame style or prescription and are available in 8 solid, 8 gradient and 8 mirror colors, 5 bridge colors and 6 magnet styles.  They even have 12 colors of Swarovski Crystals if you want to top off the magnets with a little bling.

Chemistrie Hardware Options

Chemistrie lens bridge, magnet and Swarovski crystal options

Chemistrie Computer/Reading Lens

Reading lenses are another great Chemistrie lens option. We just aren’t meant to be doing near work all day long but it’s hard to avoid computers in modern life.  Many patients would be more comfortable using a prescription dedicated to computer and/or near work. Progressive lens or bifocal wearers are especially prone to problems at the computer because the monitor tends to fall into the distance portion of the lens.  In order to see the computer with the near portion of the lens, they have to tilt their head back, and possibly move closer.

Chemistrie computer/reading lens add-on

There are several lens options for computer users but they all sacrifice the distance vision to some degree. For patients that don’t like swapping out glasses and aren’t comfortable walking around the office or at large group presentations with the computer glasses, the Chemistrie reading lens lets you easily convert your regular glasses to the near lenses as needed. You can also layer lenses so, for example, if you were at the pool with an iPad or Nook, you could put the reading lens on and then add the sun lens on top.

Finally, a circular polarized Chemistrie C3-D lens is available that is fully compatible with 3-D television using passive lens technology as well as RealD Cinema productions.

We have been using the Chemistrie lenses for about 6 mos now and patient feedback has been very positive.  Come by the office today to see the lens color and hardware options available as well as sample frames in plastic, metal, and rimless styles.


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