My Favorite Holiday Light Displays

by Marcia Dettloff, OD on December 19, 2011

To get you in the holiday mood, here’s some of my favorite choreographed holiday light shows. The first clip is from Carson Williams in Ohio. His choreographed Light-O-Rama Christmas display started the light show craze when someone posted a video of his 2004 Christmas light show on YouTube in 2005 and it went viral. I love decorating the house for the holidays but, luckily for my husband (and neighbors), I’m content to enjoy other people’s creations.

Williams’ Trans Siberian Orchestra- Wizards in Winter

And now for a high budget 2010 version by Holdman

Carol of the Bells

A Thank You Salute To Our Troops

Amazing Grace

For Angry Bird fans

Without You

The Entire Holdman Christmas Lights 2010 Show with Winter Wonderland, Amazing Grace, Carol of the Bells, Jingle Bells, Music Box Dancer, Wizards of Winter and Mr. Sandman.

And for Chanukah, here’s Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song put to lights

Here’s a light projection show at Saks. Not my favorite but the concept is neat.

Christmas light show to LFMAO’s Sexy And I Know It.

Finally here’s a couple of links to YouTube videos that wouldn’t allow embedding.
DaRude- Sandstorm
Pirates of the Caribbean

Happy Holidays!


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